Naughtily Secret (Not)

So, let’s say you’re a Secret Service agent. You fly with the President of the United States to Colombia, right? He’s got some, you know, high level meetings with the president down there. (I guess they have a president.)

But, you know, standing around in a dark suit while these stiffs talk all day is, you know, a complete drag. Besides, the heat you’re packing under your coat is heavy and it’s, you know, chafing a little bit.

So, your buddy says into the cuff of his shirt (which, as all Secret Service agents know, is where you keep your secret microphone), “Hey, pal, I was just having this awesome idea.”  And he goes on to say that, hey, you’re just a couple of bored and lonely guys in Colombia. “Let’s party.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Read all about the president’s good-time party protection team here.

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