He’s Simply Perfect

Now, finally, several months into this dystopian circus, media pundits and Republican Party officials are wringing their bony hands, wondering how it happened. How, they ask in their pathetic and whiny columns and commentaries, could a person like Donald Trump be on the verge of gaining the presidential nomination of a major American political party?… More He’s Simply Perfect

Losing It

  I found professional football a wondrous thing when I was first introduced to it, back in the 1960s. Games between near-mythic gladiators were listened to on the radio, or read about in Monday’s newspaper, where reporters used the power of language to bring readers into the experience and atmosphere of the game. Home games… More Losing It


At this moment, I would be truly remiss if I didn’t say a few words about Paris. Paris is a place I love, a place the world loves. It is the cultural, artistic and intellectual capital of the civilized world. It is a place to see the world’s greatest art, opera and dance. It is… More Paris

Oh, Canada

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to revisit the beautiful Canadian Rockies. They were just as I remember them from a visit I took about 25 years ago, with my then-fiancee. (Good story for another time, she and I are now spouses.) The scenery was, of course, breathtaking. One morning, we rose at 5:00… More Oh, Canada