He’s Simply Perfect


Now, finally, several months into this dystopian circus, media pundits and Republican Party officials are wringing their bony hands, wondering how it happened. How, they ask in their pathetic and whiny columns and commentaries, could a person like Donald Trump be on the verge of gaining the presidential nomination of a major American political party?

As if they didn’t know a single thing about the real America.

In point of fact, Donald Trump is the absolutely perfect man to represent today’s America to the world. He is a more accurate mirror of our country’s character than any major candidate for the presidency.

  1. He is vulgar.
  2. He is impressed with all the external trappings of money. He is all surface and shuns substance at every opportunity.
  3. He is racist, sexist and bigoted.
  4. He embraces greed.
  5. He practices a faux Christianity, without any grounding in or awareness of the foundation of the real religious tradition behind it.
  6. He is full of phony man-bluster, a classic limp-dick, chickenshit bully. Never engaging in any actual fighting but consistently threatening something big and severe.
  7. He doesn’t read, doesn’t know history, doesn’t understand government, or how things work. He is proud to demonstrate his ignorance, as Sarah Palin did on the campaign trail before him. Her endorsement spoke volumes about his suitability for the presidency, his suitability to represent us.

He is, in short, the perfect man for the job of representing America.


PNI Trump speech
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at Phoenix Convention Center Saturday, July 11, 2015. (Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic via AP)

4 thoughts on “He’s Simply Perfect”

  1. You got it all, and your essay is persuasive. But can I add another slant…from the view of the mighty beast in this decision, the C student?

    The C students get their schooling on what leadership looks like from the movies. I personally believe that a subset, military guys, go on to do additional field work in leadership, and have heightened sensitivity to what makes a leader they would follow. In South Carolina, they went landslide-Trump, despite many evangelical ties to Cruz.

    Here’s the punchline: While movie house leadership is a contrivance, almost entirely bogus, we all know what it looks and sounds like. It does not look like Jeb Bush. It does not look like Marco Rubio. It does not look like John Kasich. It does look like Donald Trump.

  2. Brent, Thank you for an excellent essay on where America has wandered; the road of specious arguments and beliefs leading to catastrophe or irrelevance. I am signing up for your blog and look forward to your future insights. Thank you. Eileen

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