The World’s Funniest Women

10. Mindy Kaling – Ivy educated, versatile, completely plugged in (@mindykaling), and whip-smart. And smart is funny.

9. Frances McDormand – Probably known more for dramatic roles but ever her dramatic roles are rooted in real humor. Her character in Fargo? Hysterical. The film version of Madeline? Don’t get me started.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis – Honest. Seemingly no ego. Human. Funny as hell. It could be in the genes.

7. Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Get OUT! The classic girlfriend response from Seinfeld. Holds her own with the best of them. Goofy facial expressions light it up.

6. Catherine O’Hara – Purposeful yet effortless cluelessness. Would be in the Top 10 for Mighty Wind alone.

5. Sarah Silverman – Pretty girlishness meets an insanely foul-mouth. Although many people can take her the wrong way (is there a right way to take her?) and be offended, that’s really the point of her humor. Sarah Silverman is fearless.

4. Tina Fey – A gifted writer, producer and performer. Gifted in the sense that she keeps a million independent balls in the air simultaneously, and for comic effect. Not only couldn’t you keep them up, you wouldn’t even have thought of juggling those balls together in the first place. Brilliant.

3. Kristen Wiig – Who ARE you, Kristen Wiig? Just who the hell ARE you?

2. Betty White – Looks, talks and acts like my mom (really, it’s sometimes disorienting and frightening). Has been one of America’s funniest women for over four decades (think Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls). Packs serious heat.

1. Jan Brewer – Being funny is seemingly unintentional on her part, but still, credit where it’s due.

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