If you’d like to know specifics about my professional background, please ask, or visit either my website or my LinkedIn page.

I’ve written professionally since the late 1980s. Many speeches. Many ghostwritten articles and OP/EDs. Marketing, online, social media. I’ve coached leaders on ways to be more effective communicators. I’ve helped a lot of organizations communicate in times of crisis. As a result, I often see people when they’re upset, frightened, embarrassed, angry, or otherwise not at their best.


Like many Greeks, my primary loyalty, other than family, is to my polis –
I am a San Franciscan, born and bred.  At this moment, I’m wearing a sweatshirt my kids had made and gave me for Christmas. It’s bright red, has the name of my high school, my year of graduation, my name and football uniform number. Understand the shirt and understand a lot about me.

I love discussion and (civil) argument. I absolutely invite comment, question, alternative views, divergent opinion, sharing. Read. Go.

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