10 thoughts on “America is #1”

  1. Sorry but not even close ! Country and the rate per 100,000 people for firearm related homicides
    Honduras 64.8
    El Salvador 39.90
    Jamaica 39.40
    Venezuela 39.00
    Swaziland 37.16
    Guatemala 34.8
    Colombia 27.1
    Brazil 18.1
    South Africa 17.00
    Panama 16.10
    Mexico 10.00
    Paraguay 7.30
    Nicaragua 5.90
    Costa Rica 4.6
    United States 3.60

    As you can clearly see; most of those countries are much worse and most of them have very restrictive gun control laws. Heck Mexico has only 1 legal firearm store for citizens in the country.

    Yet it’s rate is 3 times that of America.

    If we are going to discuss the issue; let’s start with speaking the truth, eh?

    Bob S.
    3 Boxes of BS

    1. Sure, Bob, but I wasn’t talking about gun fatalities per capita. Didn’t mention per capita. I do get why you want to introduce that into the discussion, though. So, I guess that means, on a per capita basis, we just have to try harder? Thanks for commenting.

      1. So you want to clarify your comment and exclude any rational basis of comparison? How exactly does that help the conversation and decision making process?

        America has 300,000,000 people. It would be misleading to compare it to Honduras with only 8,500,000 people.

        Nor does it mean we have to try harder; except to deal with the cause of violence – not the tool. Isn’t that the goal?
        Or do you just want to push gun control?

        Bob S.

  2. Gun control = escalation of murder!
    All around the world where there is strict gun control you have overwhelming murder rates.
    Also, not hard to see that you included no pictures of those that commit the vast majority of murders in America!!

      1. Typical response of a person that cannot actually think for themselves.
        If you can’t dispute the truth, just call someone names to make yourself feel better!
        Liberalism is a mental disorder!

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