As Good a Place As Any

Tomorrow after school, I’m going to take 8 thirteen-year-old boys to see ‘The Avengers’ in 3-D and pray that I don’t puke. I don’t know whether it’s my advancing age or advances in film technology but movies in 3-D are starting to make me dizzy and bother my stomach; ‘Green Lantern’ came closest so far to making me hurl.

I could, of course, just drop the kids off at the theater but, to be honest (and I do try to be honest with you), I really want to see it. I confess that I used to read ‘The Avengers’ comic books as a kid and learned a lot about life in those pages.

About the sympathy of physicians…

About the joys of marriage…

About respect for democracy and elected representatives…

I don’t know what lasting life lessons these 8 kids are going to get from this picture, but I’m going to be taking notes.

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