Same Old, Same OId

Reflecting, perhaps, a startling (startlingly familiar?) lack of creativity and originality, there are at least 50 Hollywood remakes expected in the coming year. It’s almost as if someone said, “Hey, let’s re-release this really crappy movie in 3-D!” Oh wait, someone actually did that.

Here is an actual for-real list of remakes coming soon to a theater near you (this partial list doesn’t even include sequels or TV series remakes):

Dirty Dancing


All Quiet on the Western Front

A Star is Born


The Seven Samurai


The Wild Bunch

Yellow Submarine

Time Bandits

About Last Night

American Psycho

Creature From the Black Lagoon

Death Wish

Leathal Weapon

Escape From New York


Romancing the Stone

The Bodyguard



The Birds

and even My Fair Lady, for fuck’s sake

Other than money, what do any of these remakes add? Don’t bother answering, the question is purely rhetorical.

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