What Is Love, Anyway?

It’s a question as old as human beings – what is love? Something that gives us strength? Something that lasts, that brings out the best in us? An obsession? Warmth? Companionship? Pain?

Answers here, some more unusual than others, in song.

Howard Jones, What is Love? (1983)

David Bowie, Heroes (1977)

Willie Nelson, Always on My Mind (1982)

Mink DeVille, Mixed Up Shook Up Girl (1977)

Bruce Springsteen, Tunnel of Love (1988)

Chris Isaak, Wicked Game (1989)

Bonnie Raitt, Love Has No Pride (1976)

Rickie Lee Jones, We Belong Together (1981)

Billy Joel, You’re My Home (1973)

Tower of Power, So Very Hard to Go (1972)

2 thoughts on “What Is Love, Anyway?”

  1. Thanks, Brent, yes, it’s the kindness, courtesy, respect, gentleness, goodness, compassion ( fill in other virtues) of others that enables us to recognize love>

  2. Hi Brent – not on facebook a lot but I like this blog thing. Here’s two more songs – Child of Mind (Carol King) and Blessed (Elton John). Looking forward to the beach!!!!!

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